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Resilience Solutions Associates

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Resilience Solutions Associates (RSA) is a specialist consultancy practice that uses a network-based business model to access, connect and utilise a multi-disciplinary network of international, national, and local associates, technical experts and partners.


The global outreach and diversity of expertise available across the network enables RSA to provide public and private sector clients with tailored-made research, capacity strengthening and technical advisory services to address climate and disaster resilience, climate adaptation and environmental sustainability challenges across virtually every geographical region of the world.


The practice was incorporated in 2018 as a private limited company under the leadership of its principal consultant and managing director Marcus Oxley.



Here is a list of technical advisory services provided:

  • Integrated Disaster Risk Management - Design, Planning; Management, Monitoring & Evaluation; Policy formulation

  • Climate & Disaster Resilience Policy, Strategy, Plans and Practices

  • Comprehensive “Systemic” Risk and Resilience Assessment

  • Climate & Disaster Risk Assessments and Impact Analysis

  • Climate Change Adaptation Policy and Practice

  • Risk-Informed Development Policy and Practice

  • Community-based Approaches / All-of-society Engagement

  • Nature-based Solutions - Identification and Investment Appraisal incl. Grey-Green-Blue (hybrid) Infrastructure

  • Humanitarian Action / Forecast-based Anticipatory Action - Policy Formulation and Implementation

  • Post-disaster Recovery Assessments, Planning and Implementation

  • Civil Society Networks, Partnerships, Alliances and Coalitions

  • Applied Research, Analysis, Disaster Forensics, Reviews & Evaluations

  • Institutional & Individual Capacity Building, Coaching and Training

Marcus initially trained as civil engineer involved in the construction of large infrastructure projects before pursuing an interest in international development. He has thirty years development cooperation experience working for international organisations across Africa, Asia and Europe, with a strong focus on climate and disaster resilience, and risk-informed development policies and practice. Between 2007-2017, Marcus was the founding director of the Global Network for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), established to strengthen the ability of non-state actors and at-risk communities to work collaboratively, in partnership with relevant stakeholders to reduce climate and disaster risk, and strengthen societal resilience. This understanding of collaborative working across different actors, sectors and scales, together with an ability to take a system’s-wide approach, provided the strategic insight and impetus to establish Resilience Solutions Associates.

Accordingly, RSA has a unique capability to form multi-disciplinary project teams that can share perspectives and blend external and local knowledge to deliver fully-integrated consultancy services that can strengthen coherence and unlock synergies to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges across climate change; disaster, environment and sustainable development domains. 

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Marcus C. Oxley  F.ISRM

Principal Consultant  / Managing Director - Resilience Solutions

International Advisor - The Resilience Advisors (EU) Network

Associate  - Emergency Planning College (UK)

Urban Scholar  UN Global Compact Cities Programme

skype: marcus.oxley1

26 Williams Grove, Long Ditton, Surbiton, KT6 5RN

+44 7968 186735

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