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To win the war against the CoVid 19 pandemic and release pressure on our hospitals we need to take the fight to the frontline where the virus is being transmitted.

We can do this by using our science and technology to empower vulnerable people in their homes and work places to detect the virus early in the disease curve, understand the risk and immediately take anticipatory actions to contain its spread.

You can access Marcus' 10-minute presentation about it here:

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Covid-19 Strategy - linking response and recovery planning

I believe that connecting response and recovery planning is vitally important to be able to shift from the current lockdown to a sustainable recovery. This is not well understood, and the current government's approach does not link the two either.  Please read on here for some important insights:

I would also invite you to read the article comparing the UK's Covid-19 response to with Germany and Italy. Click here for more information:

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